Goals and Background

This Homepage is an Information- Platform of the Austrian Foundation Appaloosa Breeders. This is an alliance of Breeders, who promote the breed and proliferation of the original Nez Perce Horse ( Foundation Appaloosa ) and disseminate Information about this topic. A lot of Appaloosa blood and as little outcrossing ( Quarter Horse, Arabian, English blooded) as possible is the main goal of this alliance.

  We want to breed Foundation Appaloosas with good dispositions, good conformation for  Leisure, Trail, and Distance horse, who is hardy and is an easy keeper, as he was originally.

Together these breeders have imposed a high level standard:

Every Horse that is offered for purchase, has original American Papers, the Austrian Horse Pass, complete vaccination papers including Herpes vaccination and in-time continuous and competent hoof care. The additional Registration with the American Foundation Pedigree Designation and the proof of at least one “F” (Foundation) registered Horse, as an ancestor, on dam´s or sire´s side, is required by us. The amount of Appaloosa blood must be at least 70% FPD.This protects the purchaser.

The myth and the legend around this delightful breed, bred by the Nez Perce Indians in the Northwest of the USA, developed our thinking and set our views substantially.

Each Breeder, who has these standards and these views of this unique original horse, is warmly welcome in our alliance.

The Foundation Appaloosa  must not become extinct!

What is a Foundation Appaloosa?

In a Dictionary Foundation is defined as follows:

The Basis of an Existence or Cadre of something: the Foundation on an unwavering Basis to a constant Existence.

“FOUNDATION APPALOOSA“ defines an Appaloosa which has at least 70% Appaloosa Blood or accordingly once from sire´s and once from dam´s side goes back in the Pedigree to a Foundation Horse of the ApHC (shown thru the F-Numbers given by the ApHC). The Information’s about the percentage rate of Appaloosa blood is assigned by the ApHC and confirmed with the FPD seal on the original ApHC Registration document and the Pedigree . But what is the Basis? Conformation, Pedigree, Performance or Colour? The Purpose in establishing the Appaloosa Horse Club ( ApHC) in 1938 in the USA was to save and gain the existence of the Appaloosa breed long term.